When Shakif Sachedina Is Not Busy Running His Company Sussex Health Care, He Spends His Time Giving Back To The Ismaili Community

Born in Dar-es-Salaam in 1950 into the Ismaili community – a sect of Shia Islam, Shafik Sachedina has gone on to have an incredible career in the field of healthcare on both the practitioner and the administrative side of the industry.

Shafik studied at the renowned Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. The years after attaining his degree saw Shafik engaged in the dental field as a dental surgeon. After success in this arena, he shifted his focus to entrepreneurial opportunities within the healthcare industry.

Today Shafik is the Joint Chairman of his own organization Sussex Health Care Company located in Sussex, England. The company operates numerous care homes around the region that focus on elderly patients and patients suffering from mental disabilities, traumatic brain injuries and different Alzheimer’s and Dementia related issues. The organization is highly respected and has been honored with numerous awards for its work in this area of the healthcare industry.

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Shafik Sachedina is also very passionate about his Ismaili heritage and has been involved in a number of organizations that focus on the Ismaili community. He has important roles in several major organizations within the Ismaili community. He serves on the Board of Governors of the Institute of Ismaili Studies, an important cultural institute based out of London, England. He is also Chairman of the Ismaili Leaders International Forum. The Institute of Ismaili Studies does research that focusses on the history of Islam as well as contemporary Islamic cultures. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding the way in which Muslim cultures interact with other religions and cultural groups. Shakif also serves in a voluntary manner as the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions where he coordinates programs for the Ismaili community in its 16 principal areas. Voluntary service is an important virtue in the Ismaili community, something that Shafik has always taken very seriously.

Previously Shafik Sachedina served as Chairman for the humanitarian relief organization FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International.

Dr. Saad Saad Wants To Change The Way Pediatricians Practice Medicine

Pediatrics is a medical specialty. Doctors who choose to practice this form of medicine work closely with babies, children and growing teens to help identify any medical conditions they might have. They also work to help determine what to do in case a problem might arise. Pediatrics surgeon Dr. Saad Saad has been a medical profession in this field for many decades. He’s helped many young patients over the course of his career. Thanks to his efforts, many children will live better lives. In the last years of his practice, he’s come to realize that improvements can be made. He’s watched as his fellow surgeons have struggled with certain areas of medicine. In the process, he’s come to understand that there are better ways to do things. This is why he’s determined to help provide other doctors and patients with new medical tools that he knows will work better.


His Suggested Improvements


The doctor has developed new materials that he’s chosen to patent. His new materials are about improving existing technology and making it easier for doctors to use. His catheter has an integral electromagnetic location that serves as an identification device. The newly improved catheter makes it easier for doctors to locate the device. He is hopeful that it can help improve the use of catheter technology and enable doctors to perform more effective surgeries. His second kind of improved device that he has chosen to patent is the endoscope. A commonly used medical device, the endoscope has some flaws that can make it hard for doctors to use it. His newly improved version hopes to help correct such flaws and make it easier for surgeons to control it. This new version basically allows any doctor to more easily remove liquid that is present in any patient. The doctor can get a better view of the area where his operating without the need to remove the device and possibly create complications for the patient as they do so.


Loving What He Does


As a leading surgeon in pediatrics, Doctor Saad Saad loves what he does. He knows that he can really make a difference in the lives of the patients he sees each day. His own background started out as a young man in Egypt. Here, he was drawn to medicine and the natural world. Saad earned a medical degree as he grew up from the highly prestigious Cairo University School of Medicine. He decided that it would make sense for him to leave his country and head for the United States. Once here, he quickly settled in New Jersey and found a highly welcoming community. He’s been in the field of pediatric surgical medicine for over two decades. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad

How Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Helped Villagers In Nicaragua And The Environment At The Same Time

Ara Chackarian of San Francisco wears a lot of professional hats. He’s an entrepreneur who has started a number of companies. He also owns an investment firm where he invests in healthcare firms in their early stages who he thinks have really great management and a product and/or service which will dramatically improve patient outcomes. He also does a lot of angel investing where he gives money to startups with great ideas where the motive is more to help them out rather than to derive a profit. He is also big on sustainability and philanthropy and enjoys helping the environment and social causes.

His investment firm is called ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, a firm he established in June 2007. Among the company’s that Ara Chackerian has founded is a company called TMS Health Solutions in the Bay Area. They have a number of locations scattered around this region which helps people who have depression but for which conventional therapies don’t work. He says he found out about an innovative way of treating them which has received FDA approval and decided this sounded like a great thing to be doing for people. Among the several other companies he has served on the board for, lending his extensive business experience, are among others Mint Medical Education, PipelineRX, and the aforementioned TMS Health Solutions. You can visit Vimeo to see more.

Ara Chackerian enjoys helping people and the environment He bought a teak farm in Nicaragua, for example. He put the teak farm where people had been grazing their farm animals. The problem was that to graze their animals they kept chopping down more and more of the rainforest. He solved this problem by putting his teak farm there and then hiring the villagers who had been doing this. They now work on a sustainable farm where they don’t have to chop down very valuable trees which destroys not only the trees but also all the animals that depend on them for their lives. That this farm also turns out beautiful teak that can be used to make great furniture and flooring really is the icing on the cake for Ara Chackerian.

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Doe Deere Created the Lime Crime Brand from the Ground Up

Lime Crime makeup company has an inspirational backstory that’s as inspiring as the brand’s variety of makeup options. The founder of the brand started the company from the ground up and put effort into each step of the company’s progress. There are many established makeup companies, so it is rare to hear about a new makeup brand having success. This makes Lime Crime’s story even more inspiring.


The founder of Lime Crime -Doe Deere- started the Lime Crime company in 2008 with a dream of selling bright colored makeup that matched her fashion designs that she sold on her eBay store. She sold her makeup from her eBay store at first. Once her sales gained good traction, Doe Deere was able to expand her product selections and create her own online store domain. It took her about a year to get regular sales.


To gain new customers when she was starting out Doe Deere used a few modern business techniques. She wrote a blog with up to date regular postings. This allowed for her to attach her eBay store and ultimately her web store to her blog posts. Anyone who read her lifestyle, beauty, and fashion advice blog was immediately directed on to her makeup brand. Another tactic that Doe Deere used was to do makeup tutorials that linked on to her makeup brand. This allowed for her to be creative and to gain the interest of beauty enthusiasts.


Doe Deere paid attention to current trends in the makeup and beauty industry to get her brand to have consumer interest. Beauty enthusiasts of today like to have products that are made from vegan ingredients and animal cruelty free. She ensured that she made products that are vegan and animal cruelty free. Once her company expanded, Doe Deere made sure to select a chemist who would only craft vegan and animal cruelty free products with her.


Doe Deere’s success with her Lime Crime brand is a result of hard work and a focus on her goal. She is still committed to her goal of creating more makeup products. She will never drop it since the business is fulfilling to her. Doe Deere knows that to stay fresh as a company she has to constantly create new and trendy beauty products. You can see her latest makeup products created from her commitment and determination to her company on the Lime Crime web store site: ‘www.limecrime.com‘.

The Best Of The American Institute of Architects

There’s a whole other world to architecture that most people don’t know about. It shouldn’t surprise people who architects have their own organizations that recognize greatness. One of those organizations is the American Institute of Architects. The American Institute of Architects has recognized Robert Ivy one more than one occasion.

One of Robert Ivy’s greatest accomplishments was being named Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. Since he’s taken over the journal, it’s become the most popular architectural journal in the world. That success also led Robert Ivy to other high-ranking positions at numerous architectural publications.

One of Robert Ivy’s greatest successes was becoming the head of the American Institute of Architects. That organization is over 150 years old, and he’s doing a fantastic job at leading into the future. He’s created a number of programs and opportunities that encourage industry growth and cooperation.

For 150 years, the American Institute of Architects stood as a united voice for all architects. Its mission is to promote scientific and practical perfection. That was the mission of the original 13 members: elevate the profession’s standing. Since then, Robert Ivy’s expanding upon that concept, making the American Institute of Architects better.

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Now, the American Institute of Architects represents more than just architects. All of its members are architects, but it’s about uniting all the members of design and changing the opinion of the industry as a whole. The American Institute of Architects also works with the government to create better communities.

That service is one that the American Institute of Architects takes seriously. Often times, governments can step on the toes of professionals when they create new legislation or regulations. The American Institute of Architects exists to influence the government policymakers in working directly with architects.

The most important mission the American Institute of Architects works with the government to accomplish in designing better housing for all Americans. Recently, the nation’s suffered tremendous damage from natural disasters. That makes design contests like “Designing Recovery” very uses. The American Institute of Architects started that contest in 2013 at the Clinton Global Initiatives.

The American Institute of Architects also wants to get more young people involved in architecture. Using public education programs, they’re trying to raise awareness about the value of architecture and good design.

See: https://www.youtube.com/user/AIANational

Securus Technologies Ensuring the Inmates Cant Use Contraband Phones Anymore

If the contraband phones can be kept away from the prisons, it can help in reducing the crime rate by a significant margin. The inmates use the contraband phones to control criminal activities outside the prison, and these phones are also used to pass on crucial information from inside the prison. It can put the lives of many officers at stake, and many of the officers have had to face assault or have even lost lives due to the crime coordinated from inside the prison by the inmates using the contraband phones.


Keeping the contraband phones off the hands of the criminals is of utmost importance for the law enforcement agencies. If the law enforcement agencies can’t keep the contraband phones away from prisoners, one can be sure that the crime rate would continue to rise in prison as well as outside in the communities. It is because the criminals who are incarcerated use contraband phones to control their criminal activities from inside the prison.


Securus Technologies, which is one of the well-known criminal justice technology providers in the correctional arena, recently launched the first ever successfully tried and tested contraband interdiction technology. It is this technology that is expected to make a lot of difference in the correctional sphere by not letting the prisoners use the contraband phones. What the wireless containment system by Securus Technologies does is put a shielded network across the length and breadth of the prison facility, so that no contraband phone can connect to the commercial system.


Without connecting to the commercial network, it would become impossible for the contraband phones to make or receive calls. The wireless containment system has been installed in the eight facilities so far by Securus Technologies, and the results so far have been astounding. The wireless containment solutions have been able to stop nearly 1.7 million illegal communications to go through. It marked how successful the wireless containment system is in eliminating the use of contraband phones inside the prison.


The FCC has been encouraging more and more prisons to start using the wireless containment system and has assured that it would reduce the formalities required to install the wireless containment system. Securus Technologies has for years been a leading supplier of correctional products and services in the United States and serves more than 3,450 correctional facilities, mostly in North America, District of Columbia, and Canada. It plans to roll out the wireless containment system soon to all the facilities it serves to ensure that the use of contraband phones is eliminated from the prisons. Securus Technologies has developed the wireless containment system after a lot of research and has guaranteed that the method is full-proof and futuristic.



Duda Melzer Investing in Oil

Duda Melzer is one of the most prominent business leaders in Brazil. He is the leader of RBS Group, which is a major oil company based in Brazil. The oil industry is booming in many parts of the world. With new technology options, oil companies can drill for oil in new locations.

Duda Melzer took over RBS Group many years ago. When he started at the company, some people believed that the company was going to collapse. Debt levels were high, and many of the best employees were leaving for other companies. Duda Melzer decided to make drastic changes at RBS Group to be more competitive.

Early Life

Duda Melzer Founder started working in the oil industry at a young age. He is the type of person who always works hard. He grew up in a low-income family, and he had to work to support his parents financially. When working in the oil fields, he learned valuable lessons about the industry.

Duda Melzer decided to attend college and focus on business. He received a job offer after graduation, and he quickly got promoted to new positions. For more details visit clicrbs.com

Changes at RBS Group

Duda Melzer made numerous changes at RBS Group as soon as he took over the company. He wanted to invest in new technology options to make drilling for oil more efficient. He also wanted to lower the turnover rate at the company. He increased the pay and benefits for many workers at the company. Although he is still improving the company, RBS Group is now expanding. You can follow their Twitter account.

See more: http://redeglobo.globo.com/rs/rbstvrs/noticia/2012/07/eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-assume-presidencia-executiva-do-grupo-rbs.html

Dubai’s Donald: Hussain Sajwani

Some have called him the “Donald of Dubai.” The comparison could be seen as apt. Chairman, CEO and founder of the DAMAC Group Hussain Sajwani has built a name as well as a fortune in real estate development–just as U.S. president Donald Trump did.


Sajwani got early exposure to entrepreneurship. His father was a shop owner who sold watches. Sajwani’s own career path led him to the food service industry where he did well. He continued on into the world of real estate development–an arena in which he has been extremely successful.


In 2002, Sajwani founded Damac Properties. The company came on the scene at just the right time. It was well-positioned to take advantage of a governmental decree that allowed non-UAE citizens to own property. For Sajwani, that meant having numerous foreign buyers for the apartments that he intended to build.


A purchase of land in what was, at the time, an undeveloped part of Dubai yielded a good return on Sajwani’s investment. The units of his first 38-story residential building were fully sold before construction even began.


Sajwani’s business savvy has paid off very well. He has built up a net worth of about $4.2 billion for himself, and he is credited with changing Dubai’s skyline. He helped to transform the city into a glittering destination.


It isn’t just Sajwani’s billions or involvement in real estate development that has earned the 64-year-old the comparison to Trump. His company has worked with Trump on a couple of golf course projects: The Trump International Golf Course Dubai and the Trump World Golf Course.


Sajwani and Trump have both expressed admiration for each other. Shortly after winning the presidency, Trump described the self-made billionaire as “a very, very, very amazing man” and spoke of a $2 billion real estate deal that he’d had to turn down in order to avoid a conflict of interest.


On Sajwani’s side, the billionaire has expressed the desire to do more business with the Trump Organization, which is Trump’s real estate business. His friendship with the Trump family goes beyond the U.S. president, too. He has close ties with Trump children Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. as well.


Sajwani is not just all about business, either. He and his company have been active in philanthropy as well. Among his efforts have been the support of refugees in support of thousands of refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

Aloha Construction for your Roofing and Siding Needs

Is it time for a new roof or siding on your home? Is your home in disrepair from recent storms and violent weather? Perhaps you would simply like to update the appearance of your house with a new style of shingles or siding. If any of these scenarios apply to you, then you may be interested in checking out Aloha Construction.

This company is a group of licensed and insured contractors that specialize in installing, replacing, or even repairing the roofing and siding on your home. Don’t let the name fool you. Although they sound like they may be from Hawaii, Aloha Construction is actually located in the Midwestern United States and services all of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, and follow their Twitter.

Aloha Construction employees are all professional installers of vinyl siding, but are not limited to just that one material. The employees are capable of working with any material including wood, aluminum, stucco, face brick, and much more.

Another service this contractor provides is full gutter installation and adjustment. In order to keep your house free of water damage, it is extremely important to correctly divert water away from your home during storms or otherwise. Aloha Construction is happy to help with this and has experience working with all types of gutters and residential water drainage systems.

If all of the above isn’t enough, Aloha Construction will also help you install new doors and windows around your home. This truly makes them a complete one-stop-shop to consult in the event that a storm damages multiple portions of your house. With their expertise, they are capable of repairing your roof & siding as well as address any broken screens or windows, and even fix or replace a broken front door if such is the case, and their Facebook.

Not many contractors can boast such a comprehensive level of expertise in their profession. At the very least, the American home owner in this area should check out Aloha Construction whenever a storm rolls through or if its just time for a quick home remodel. Let the professionals tend to all your exterior renovation needs, and watch your neighbors do the same right after! and https://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/17/10/p10230121/aloha-construction-inc-proudly-sponsors-illinois-state-university.

Richard BlairAnd Wealth Solutions:Providing Sage Financial Advice

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions provides clients in Austin, Texas with sound investment advice and other quality services designed to help them protect, manage and grow their assets. An experienced, well-qualified, financial advisor, Blair has CFS, RICP, CES and CES certification. He also gives his clients access to a wide array of valuable resources. A Registered Investment Advisory, Wealth Solutions has a financial planning process that helps clients create a solid plan for pursuing their financial goals. That includes retirement planning and wealth management.


Wealth Solutions uses a comprehensive approach that has three pillars. This helps the firm understand the financial situation of each client, identify their retirement needs and create a customized holistic plan for them.


Pillar 1 identifies the client’s goal, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerances and creates a financial roadmap for them to follow.


Pillar 2 is the development of a long-term strategy to meet the client’s investment needs. It’s designed to address their specific investment goals and liquidity needs. Their assets are managed to ensure their portfolio gets maximum performance when the market is strong and reduces the impact during negative market periods.


Pillar 3 focuses on the client’s health and life insurance needs, long-term care and annuities.



Richard Blair always had a natural aptitude for finance and a desire to help people with investments and financial planning. He graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a concentration in financial management services. After working in the financial services industry for a year, Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994. His goal is to make a positive difference in his clients’ lives by providing them with the knowledge, information and guidance they need to make wise financial choices. Wealth Solutions serves small-business, families and individuals.


Richard Blair understands knowledge and education empowers people and gives them confidence. So he doesn’t just give financial advice, he educates his clients about investing and financial planning to enable them to avoid the common pitfalls in retirement planning and craft an effective strategy for moving seamlessly from the workforce into the retirement they envision. Richard Blair draws on his knowledge and experience with retirement planning and provides his clients with the personalized, professional advice they need to reach their retirement goals.


Blair offers his clients objective, unbiased financial advice and customized, investment, wealth preservation and retirement strategies to help them attain their personal financial goals.


For more information, connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn.