The Career of Lori Senecal

Longtime marketing executive Lori Senecal will step down as the CEO of CP+B Global. She will retire and look to move on to the next chapter of her life. In 2015 Senecal became the CEO of the company after working at MDC Partners for a number of years. Her departure will be missed as a number of colleagues have expressed a lot of high praise of her. The founder and chairman of CP+B Chuck Porter’s said that Lori has been the ideal person to help build the company into a global agency. He also said that Lori has an entrepreneurial spirit that has been very valuable for the firm. One of the most notable deals that Lori helped complete was one where she landed American Airlines as a client in 2015. This new deal allowed the firm to get a key customer account and further expand. You can visit



Before Lori officially steps down as the Global CEO, she will collaborate with Chuck Porter to help organize the next generation of leaders at the firm. Lori will help with the process of evaluating the management and professionals of the firm and make a decision on who will take her place as the CEO as well as other managerial positions at CP+B. With Lori’s help, the agency will be in position to complete a smooth transition right before she retires. Over the course of her time at CP+B, Lori has proven to be an excellent business partner and due to her expertise and leadership, the firm is a much smarter and effective advertising agency. Check out Inspirery to know more.


Lori Senecal attended McGill University where she completed a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing and Finance degree. Throughout her career, she has been known to be someone with a robust personality as well as being very knowledgeable of marketing and advertising. Over the course of her career, she has worked at major marketing firms such as McCann Erickson. During her career she has helped the firm KBS grow into a worldwide agency with 800 employees. What inspired her to go into business was her experience as a gymnastics coach. This gave her the inspiration to go into a field where she can use her leadership skills. When it comes to conducting business, Lori says that in order to make money, the client needs to make money. Therefore, the success of the client determines her success and financial progress. Lori has said that her motivational skills are her greatest asset which has enabled her to lead employees. She has also said that in order to succeed in the advertising field, one must be able to land a client and then find something that is worthwhile to advertise.



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James Dondero of Dallas Texas

James Dondero is a successful businessman and devoted philanthropist who resides in and supports the city of Dallas Texas. James began his journey in the financial world when he started his studies at the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce to earn his Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and finances. In 1984 James would accept his first genuine position in the world of credit and accounting with JP Morgan Chase & Company. Visit to know more about James. His job with JP Morgan is where James would make quick work of his early financial training program and move on to his dream job at American Express; There is where he would manage one billion dollars of fixed income funds for clients from the year 1985 to 1989. The Protective Life GIC Subsidiary was just a thought, an idea for a potential firm when they offered James Dondero the title of Chief Investment Officer, which he accepted in 1989; It wasn’t long until James turned this idea into a two billion dollar success story, making himself one of the leading alternative credit managers in the world. Visit to know more about James Dondero. It was 1993 when James decided to create his own investment firm, and so Highland Capital Management was born. Though his years of success in rising through the business industry brought him wealth and good fortune, this was not enough for James Dondero; there had to be more he could do. Due to his devotion to philanthropy and wanting to give back to his community, James created the Highland Dallas Foundation with peer and fellow philanthropist, Mary Jalonick, the CEO and President of the Dallas Foundation in Texas. The pair focuses their efforts on choosing initiatives in the city of Dallas and the Northern region of Texas that show promise of supporting a brighter future for Dallas and the people of Texas. Some of the examples of the Highland Dallas Foundation and James Dondero’s recent generosity is the one million dollar donation given to the Dallas Zoo to recreate their once loved hippo habitat. In 2001 the Zoo management team made the difficult decision to shut down the habitat after their beloved elderly hippo, Papa, passed away from old age. Now, Thanks to James Dondero and several other local philanthropists, the Dallas Zoo was able to reopen a two-acre hippo habitat to house Adhama and Boipelo, their new residents to the zoo!


Dr. Saad Saad Inventions in the Field of Medicine

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine and brought up together with other siblings in Kuwait. He was a brilliant student, he went to Cairo University and studied for a medical degree. After graduating at Cairo University, Saad attended an internship in England. After finishing an internship, Dr. Saad moved to the United States where he took a residency in pediatric surgery.


Dr. Saad was lucky to get a job of serving the royal family in Saudi Arabia as a personal doctor in the 1980’s. The reason to why Mr. Saad received this job is because no other certified pediatric surgeon in the United States knew and spoke both Arabic and English fluently as he did. He settled at Riyadh and worked at King Specialist Hospital performing both minor and complicated surgeries. He built a good reputation at the hospital that made all staffs to respect him for being an experienced doctor.


Dr. Saad did not only succeed in performing surgical procedures, but he also contributed greatly toward creating and developing a surgical residency program. He assists medical students in Saudi Arabia to get their United Kingdom certification in their country. His efforts have enabled students in Saudi Arabia to get surgical training in the country instead of traveling to the UK.


Dr. Saad was able to perform many pediatric surgical procedures. During his career as a surgeon, he worked so hard to improve medical procedures to minimize or eliminate the pain that patients experienced. Dr. Saad determination enabled him to get patents for two inventions. He also managed to introduce new procedures in pediatric surgery.


One of Dr. Saad’s medical invention is Catheter with integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device. Medical catheters are tubes with the capabilities of serving many functions. Catheters are tubes that are put inside the body of a patient who needs to be treated medical conditions. These tubes also help the doctor to perform a surgical operation. There are those catheters which can be inserted into the body for a specified period and others permanently.


Surgeons before inserting catheters they ensure that it is possible to track the exact positions of the catheters without struggling. One way of tracking the correct position is by performing an X-ray. To avoid doses of radiation during the X-rays, Dr, Saad introduced a new device that assists surgeons to locate the catheter without having to scan the body of the patient by use of the X-rays.


Dr. Saad device finds the location of the catheter by the use of electromagnetic energy. Catheter consists of magnetic material on its tip and a pair of wires inside the walls. This enables the doctor to scan the patient’s body on the outside using an external locating device. This medical device detects metal inside the body of a patient. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital- an Exclusive Financial Advisor

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a global investment firm that is famous for its quality services in the independent financial advice as well as arranging credit facility for the Napoleon machine. Napoleon was founded in 2010 and was later ISO 9001:2008 certified provider. The company is known for supplying manufacturing services including particular metal fabricating services, painters, light assembly, among others ranging from the medium to the big size steel appliances. The facility was provided by Sterling Commercial Credit which was followed by an announcement by Madison Street Capital CEO, Charles Botchway. Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director at MSC, believes that credit facility and planned follow-on tranche are vital in the development and achieving success in the operating capital and that through it Napoleon is now able to develop the manufacturing strengths that are essential in meeting customer needs. Peterson believes that the manufacturing abilities if utilized fully will result in the company development through improved sales even in the future.


The President of the Napoleon Machine, Kevin Febrey, on the other hand, feels that MSC team showed excellent cooperation hence playing a vital role in helping the company open up new opportunities for them in the market. Both sides worked together to achieve their success, and their cooperation resulted in a smooth transaction process.


According to Kevin, the MSC team understood the nature of the capital intensity in the industry hence working out solutions that were best fit to solve the existing problems in the business. He admitted that previously the company was experiencing some challenges and was optimistic that the cooperation with the MSC team was going to give the company up to four times amount working capital in credit that would help the company gain profits and grow. Previously, the creditors only gave fewer amounts to the company, and therefore this was a significant advantage to them. Kevin stated that both teams would benefit from the project and said that he appreciated the opportunity of working together with Madison Street Capital even in the future. MSC has proven to offer services with integrity to all types of business. Many organizations have benefited from their services in a wide range. Their objective is to meet the customer needs at all times in all projects they commit to undertake. They have accredited professionals and had over time earned trust towards their esteemed customers.

Napoleon Machine is also a value-added provider serving various kinds of customers all over the world. An article can be found on


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Guilherme Paulus, Guiding Tourism Into A New Arena

ISTOÉ DINHEIRO Magazine named Guilherme Paulus as “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2017. Along with this honor, Guilherme has enjoyed a long industrious career. His initial start in the tourism industry came in 1972, when he partnered with a Brazilian statesman to form a company. That company, CVC Is recognized as the largest tourist operator in Brazil. This is quite an accomplishment considering the fact that he started with a vision of building an empire.

And indeed, Guilherme Paulus stuck to that original goal and one day decided that he would expand into a completely different area, land acquisition, business development and construction. With that decision he founded GJP Hotels and Resorts.

As an entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus has followed no one except his own intuition. Every venture that he thought he could develop, turned out to be successful. Following his instincts, lead him to his first hotel acquisition in 1995. After this purchase Guilherme didn’t immediately plunge into buying another property. No, instead he spent ten years developing the hotel, which is located in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul. Then nearly a decade after his initial acquisition, he added a resort. This time in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. The resort is truly a dream property and as Guilherme Paulus has said, it’s his desire to, “ sell dreams.” The resort, Wish Foz do Iguacu has luxury condominiums, a pool and a beach and a golf course and many deluxe amenities.

After years of hard work and dedication, Guilherme Paulus made the Forbes annual list of billionaires. The Brazilian businessman and entrepreneur was named to the list for the first time in 2013 with an estimated fortune of $1.1 billion. A fortune that came as a result of his unique ability to identify opportunities. The Wish Foz do Iguacu was actually built from the ground up, unlike the first hotel purchase. Guilherme had this to say about his business ventures, “it’s a new concept, to add tourism and condominiums.” Indeed it is. In realizing his own unique vision, he has helped tourists find luxurious fun; a relaxing way to enjoy Brazil’s finest assets.


The Organo Gold Plan To Help Increase Sales In America

Organo Gold has a Facebook page that explains the sales program for their company. They have shown a number of different people how to make money their their program, and they have taught people around the world how to make back as much of their money as they can. They are selling coffees and teas that they have grown in the fertile soil of The Philippines. Read more at about Organo Gold.

  1. Selling To Anyone

There are a lot of people who will start to sell these products because they love them, and they will make their own money on these sales while working from home. Someone could sell these products at any time just to make a little bit more cash, and they might turns all their friends and family into fans of the product. Read the reviews at

  1. How To Buy These Products

Buying these products is easy, and they can be found on the company’s website. The web site is easy to use, and it allows people to save money. They will find that they can buy from anywhere in the world and have them sent to their door. Organo Gold has made it very easy for people to get new teas and coffees in their kitchens for less money.


Ara Chackerian, one of the most diverse and flexible persons in their career life

Ara Chackerian is known for his vast success in business primarily in the health sector. He is much interested in the development of healthcare companies that are in their early stages of development. He is one of the founders and the Chief Executive Officer of the TMS Health solutions, and he has served in many other companies that he has contributed to their growth and development. He served as the Executive Vice President of the Research Development of Health Diagnostic limited and the Executive Chairman of the Pipeline Health Holdings. He also served as the Director of Evolute Capital Holdings.


Ara Checkerian is also the founder of BMC Diagnostics where he served as the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is also an active executive member of other companies such as the PSS or World Medical and Mint Medical Education.


According to Patch, apart from investing in the healthcare sector, he has also invested in managing and conservation of the environment. He owns a plantation at Limonapa a teak plantation with the purpose of teaching people about the importance of sustaining the environment. Chackerian is also a writer. He has written some articles especially about conservation of the situation.


In one of his articles, he wrote about the importance of forests in the humankind. He says that humans have the responsibility to ensure that the forests as one of the primary resources on the earth are used sustainably ensuring that they benefit the present generation as well as the future generations. Ara Chackerian serves as a role model to other entrepreneurs because environmental maintenance is one of the things that not many entrepreneurs tend to think about when carrying out their business operations. You can visit his vimeo account for more.



Besides, Ara Chackerian has also a rich educational background. He went to Florida State University where he earned his undergraduate degree in marketing and business management. This is one of the reasons he has become the kind of a man he is today. In one f his interviews, he advised entrepreneurs to have the ability to chose the type of people they relate with and also have the ability to know what impact each one brings towards the success of the business objectives.



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Drew Madden says that healthcare tech is still slow to be adopted

For the better part of two decades, Drew Madden has been at the forefront of changing the way that healthcare professionals and patients alike interact with and make use of technology. He started working in the healthcare IT space fresh out of college, going to work at both Epic Systems and the Cerner Corporation, the two dominant software vendors in the healthcare IT field. By learning both platforms inside and out, Madden quickly found himself to be in high demand. He parlayed his expertise into a consulting job with Nordic Healthcare Consultants. Eventually, he wound up serving as president of that firm from 2011 to 2016.

But even as he led Nordic on to become one of the biggest and most important healthcare consulting firms in the country, eventually ending up with more than 750 full-time consultants with more than 150 clients, Madden saw that there were deep flaws in the way that the industry traditionally approached the challenges of making software work within hospital systems. He decided that in order to do things right, he would need to break away, creating and building his own business from the ground up.

In July of 2017, Madden took the plunge and started Evergreen Healthcare Consultants with three other longtime healthcare consultants. The business immediately began taking off. Within less than a year, the company had 26 consultants working on behalf of more than a dozen major clients. Throughout the process, Madden has begun to implement his vision of creating a people-first system of software design and implementation. He believes that it is the primary job of healthcare consultants to understand the ways in which software tools can be designed and used by customers in a way that maximized their utility.

To this end, Drew Madden has initiated a number of ambitious projects. Evergreen is undertaking a project to develop patient-facing software and mobile apps that Madden says will soon allow patients to choose physicians with the same level of knowledge and ease with which they are able to review and select restaurants online. This could prove to be a revolutionary development in an industry perennially beset with inefficiencies of the gravest kind.

Doe Deere Discusses Her Style and Career

It’s not easy to run a company all by yourself while simultaneously keeping yourself looking fabulous but, somehow, Doe Deere has managed to stay at the top of her game for all these years. So what’s her secret to having her cake and eating it too? Stylist recently had a chat with her before the launch of her new retail outlet in London to discuss how she first broke into the cosmetics industry, how’s she’s managed to stay on top all these years and what she plans to do in the near future. She discussed the importance of providing unique products so as to stay ahead of the competition and keep sales up. Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that is completely vegan and has attracted quite a bit of controversy over the years. She talked about how she’s passionate about animals.

This is why she feels it is paramount to ensure that no animals are harmed in the making of her skincare products. Of course, as an entrepreneur, she has gone over quite a few speed bumps on the road to success, but she says those obstacles have only made her and the company stronger and, for that, she remains truly grateful. When discussing new beauty trends, she said lavender, lilac and all shades of purple will be in this year as well as ultraviolet. When giving advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, she advised them to trust their gut and focus on their passion.

While discussing the product-making process, she talked about her amazing team and how hard they work to ensure each product is flawless. She then discussed her obsession with glitter, saying social media has sparked this trend and it helps accentuate your individuality. She then talked about what goes into the perfect makeup palette, saying it’s usually multiple shades of the same color with a few neutrals thrown in for good measure. But she certainly is committed to give you a look that works. Her advice for those new to the makeup scene is to try it at home first and to not be afraid to wear it boldly and uniquely. She then discussed the importance of wrapping your products in quality packaging. Otherwise, people will develop negative opinions about the contents of the package. She also stressed how important social media is as it enables her to connect with the fans who she says are terrific and always brimming with good ideas for new products. She also says teasing helps with the launch.

This is because it helps to get the fans hyped before they officially unveil their newest product. She decided to branch out into hair dye due to her own experiences with hair dying and also because she believes it to be a wonderful way of expressing yourself. She finished the interview by discussing the importance of individuality and telling her fans not to be scared of a little makeup and hair dye as she believes these things will set you free.


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Jose Hawilla: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Are you researching business people and their success strategies? Do you want to know what success entrepreneurs do to achieve great things in life? If you want information about Jose Hawilla or other successful entrepreneur you need to check out their profiles.


There are many successfull people out there but Jose Hawilla is one of the top rated in the business world. Jose Hawilla has been in business for decades and he understands what it takes to become successful in whatever you do. Perhaps you want to know why Jose Hawilla is such a respected and renowned entrepreneur.


Jose Hawilla is a top rated entrepreneur and highly successful person. As a successful businessman and mentor, Jose Hawilla has advised and guided many entrepreneurs and ambitious individuals around the globe.


Whenever you mention your desire to pursue entrepreneurship or attain riches, there will be some people who would want to discourage you from taking action. They will doubt your ability to attain the level of success you desire. You can achieve great success in business if you simply steer clear of negative people or pessimists.


Entrepreneurs and other business people inevitably encounter challenges, even failures, during their quest for success. These individuals never allow discouraging moments to stop them from getting back on track. They learn from the situation and keep moving towards their goal.


In order to achieve great success in your ventures you will need to possess certain skills or characteristics that enable you to deal with the challenges that encounter. Those who possess these characteristics or traits are able to overcome setbacks and adversities and eventually reach their goals.


Understand the importance of taking calculated risks. Being a good entrepreneur and starting a business often entails taking certain risks. Taking risks can include a willingness to use your savings to start an investment portfolio. For more info you can visit



Jose Hawilla is an honest and reputable entrepreneur and numerous professionals have learned a lot from him. He strives to help as many people as he can and encourages them to keep focused on their ultimate goals.