Robert Deignan- An experienced tech expert

Robert Deignan is a tech expert and a distinguished one for that matter. He has been in the tech industry for over 40,000 hours. By any estimation, he is a person who has managed to prove that he is up to the task of helping others to get services from the industry. He is a graduate of Purdue University from where he obtained his business management degree. Since his graduation in 1995, he has been following a path of business and entrepreneurship. His goal is to become a highly successful businessman in the country by providing superior business services to the people. His intention is to run a successful company that will help the people to resolve matters of technology.

Robert Deignan has done a great job of helping the people to get tech services under one roof. When you call ATS Digital Services, you will receive support about anything that you might have been looking for. To become a successful businessman, Deignan laid the perfect foundation for his growth. Three years after leaving university, he created his first company known as Fanlink. This is the business that trained him to get his hands dirty. He learned what is needed in building a successful business and that is how he managed to start ATS Digital Services.

Before joining ATS Digital Services, he also worked with another organization known as iS3 Inc. He was the executive vice president of this company which happened to be offering customer care services in the tech industry. This company helped customers to troubleshoot basic tech problems remotely. It is at this company that he realized that there was a lot more that was needed for customers to get the best support.

ATS Digital Services was formed so that it could solve the main issues that affected human users of tech gadgets. Robert Deignan observed that it was becoming increasingly important for people to have a company that was ready to offer solutions on tech matters, whether it is a gadget at home or at the office that is damaged, ATS Digital Services can send someone to resolve the issue or even offer remote support.