Unmatched Herbalife’s Stock Potential in 2019

In 2018, the stock market experienced a decline of about 0.1%. This average decline affected many investment companies and typical investors. However, some companies such as Herbalife Nutrition Ltd managed to defy this odd by having one of the best performance in 2018.

For example, the company was the only company that experienced more than 15% growth margin. The best performance for Herbalife was however in the last quarter of the year, and pundits believe that the trend will continue in 2019.

What makes Herbalife one of the stable companies in the stock market?

First, the growth in terms of the company’s value is unmatched. Since early 2002, the company has been on a growth journey and the last quarter of 2018 was the second highest growth in 16 years. This trend will continue in the rest of 2019 and this according to pundits it is the best time to invest in the company’s stick.

Second, Herbalife Nutrition as a brand has been able to maintain its strong presence in the global arena. This impressive and strong global presence makes the company’s stock stronger and stable in the stock market. Thirdly, the company remains one of the best-structured company in the world of nutrition and weight management.

Structures are synonymous with performance, and this company has not disappointed in their daily operation. In addition to Herbalife having better chances of the best trading years in 2019, the company’s projections of 2018 were unmatched. Surprisingly, the company performed beyond the management expectation.

Will the direct sales model have an impact in 2019?

In addition to the company’s structures and global recognition, Herbalife Growth 2019 will be a reality due to its business model. According to Crunchbase, the direct sales model not only helps entities to establish a closer relationship with intended customers but also make them part of the growth. When the customers own the company’s vision and aspiration, growth is not farfetched.

Direct and independent distributors give the company the flexibility it needs. Unlike the typical distribution channels, Herbalife is able to maximize their time in making products available to their customers. The flexibility aspects have a lot of significance in the overall performance of the stock. In addition, the flexibility of the distribution channel gives the company unmatched possibility to grow their revenue at an easier and a sustainable pace.

It is also through the direct sale model where the company is able to push the brand and in return make it more popular. Since there is zero budget on making the brand visible in the consumer world, the company is able to concentrate on making its products better. In the stock market, a good perception of the brand is a game changer, and this explains the reason why Herbalife has so much potential in 2019.

Drew Madden says that healthcare tech is still slow to be adopted

For the better part of two decades, Drew Madden has been at the forefront of changing the way that healthcare professionals and patients alike interact with and make use of technology. He started working in the healthcare IT space fresh out of college, going to work at both Epic Systems and the Cerner Corporation, the two dominant software vendors in the healthcare IT field. By learning both platforms inside and out, Madden quickly found himself to be in high demand. He parlayed his expertise into a consulting job with Nordic Healthcare Consultants. Eventually, he wound up serving as president of that firm from 2011 to 2016.

But even as he led Nordic on to become one of the biggest and most important healthcare consulting firms in the country, eventually ending up with more than 750 full-time consultants with more than 150 clients, Madden saw that there were deep flaws in the way that the industry traditionally approached the challenges of making software work within hospital systems. He decided that in order to do things right, he would need to break away, creating and building his own business from the ground up.

In July of 2017, Madden took the plunge and started Evergreen Healthcare Consultants with three other longtime healthcare consultants. The business immediately began taking off. Within less than a year, the company had 26 consultants working on behalf of more than a dozen major clients. Throughout the process, Madden has begun to implement his vision of creating a people-first system of software design and implementation. He believes that it is the primary job of healthcare consultants to understand the ways in which software tools can be designed and used by customers in a way that maximized their utility.

To this end, Drew Madden has initiated a number of ambitious projects. Evergreen is undertaking a project to develop patient-facing software and mobile apps that Madden says will soon allow patients to choose physicians with the same level of knowledge and ease with which they are able to review and select restaurants online. This could prove to be a revolutionary development in an industry perennially beset with inefficiencies of the gravest kind.