Doe Deere Created the Lime Crime Brand from the Ground Up

Lime Crime makeup company has an inspirational backstory that’s as inspiring as the brand’s variety of makeup options. The founder of the brand started the company from the ground up and put effort into each step of the company’s progress. There are many established makeup companies, so it is rare to hear about a new makeup brand having success. This makes Lime Crime’s story even more inspiring.


The founder of Lime Crime -Doe Deere- started the Lime Crime company in 2008 with a dream of selling bright colored makeup that matched her fashion designs that she sold on her eBay store. She sold her makeup from her eBay store at first. Once her sales gained good traction, Doe Deere was able to expand her product selections and create her own online store domain. It took her about a year to get regular sales.


To gain new customers when she was starting out Doe Deere used a few modern business techniques. She wrote a blog with up to date regular postings. This allowed for her to attach her eBay store and ultimately her web store to her blog posts. Anyone who read her lifestyle, beauty, and fashion advice blog was immediately directed on to her makeup brand. Another tactic that Doe Deere used was to do makeup tutorials that linked on to her makeup brand. This allowed for her to be creative and to gain the interest of beauty enthusiasts.


Doe Deere paid attention to current trends in the makeup and beauty industry to get her brand to have consumer interest. Beauty enthusiasts of today like to have products that are made from vegan ingredients and animal cruelty free. She ensured that she made products that are vegan and animal cruelty free. Once her company expanded, Doe Deere made sure to select a chemist who would only craft vegan and animal cruelty free products with her.


Doe Deere’s success with her Lime Crime brand is a result of hard work and a focus on her goal. She is still committed to her goal of creating more makeup products. She will never drop it since the business is fulfilling to her. Doe Deere knows that to stay fresh as a company she has to constantly create new and trendy beauty products. You can see her latest makeup products created from her commitment and determination to her company on the Lime Crime web store site: ‘‘.