The Aspire: An Innovative Residential Tower Built by Boraie Development

Boraie Development created a name in the field of real estate and property development because of its superb construction projects. The company is based in New Jersey, and they are leading the construction of skyscrapers located in the cities of New Brunswick, Newark, and Atlantic City. The executives who are controlling the operations and decision making at Boraie Development stated that they wanted to help the cities all over New Jersey to regain their economic growth which became stagnant in the last decades. One of the projects that they recently opened was The Aspire, a residential skyscraper located in the heart of New Brunswick.

The Aspire is a spacious, one or two bedrooms, studio type condominium that offers affordable units to everyone. The building has a dryer and an in-home washer for its occupants, and Boraie Development is proud to say that the building is energy efficient, and uses only a small portion of energy during the winter, resulting to a lower electric bill. The units can also be upgraded to have a balcony, and the inhabitants are satisfied with how the company decided to design the whole building with hardwood floors that are made from the top quality materials. The kitchen located in each unit is made of the most durable materials, like the quartz countertops that can be easily cleaned. The kitchen also has stainless steel ovens, refrigerators, and other appliances that are branded. The bedrooms are also carpeted to provide a sense of relief and relaxation to the inhabitants, and there is a strong Wi-Fi connection allowing everyone inside to surf the internet.

Aside from the designer units that made The Aspire one of the most popular addresses in the city, Boraie Development also revealed that The Aspire has a lot of social amenities to choose from. The lobby is open 24/7, assisting all of the customers’ needs. There is also a parking deck that provides direct access to the lobby of the condominium. Those who are conscious about their health can also use the gym and the fitness center located at the heart of the building. There are also green roofs on the 18th floor of the skyscraper, allowing the inhabitants to have a great time together. A resident club can also be found inside The Aspire, providing dining and reading options to the people. Living in The Aspire is a dream for others, and many are already securing their units because of the projected increase in the value of the skyscraper.

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