Alex Pall’s New Home is Worthy of his Fame

Alex Pall, of The Chainsmokers, has been on a roller coaster ride since 2014. That’s the year Andrew Taggart and Pall released “#Selfie,” their first big hit. As of 2018, they have released near limitless hits and have been awarded a diamond plaque.

Closer” was the song that received diamond certification from the RIAA. Upon the songs release, like other musical acts, conducted interviews as a promotional method. The Chainsmokers sat down with Interview Magazine and told stories about their origins, their music making process, and their fans.

Opening the interview, Pall explained that he began DJing in New York City. He was in an art gallery when he realized how much music meant to him. It had been consuming his entire life, and it was time he took it seriously. Along with Drew Taggart, Pall began a life as a professional musician.


Pall also discussed his fans, explaining that Instagram allows him to know exactly who and where his fans are. As far as demographics go, The Chainsmoker’s fans are split almost evenly between men and women; however, their age demographics are more typical, ranging from from 16 to 25.

Alex Pall recently purchased a home worthy of a rock star. He enlisted celebrity decorator Peti Lau to assist him with his home’s decor. The result of their partnership was a 100 percent unique home. The living room houses a series of unique pieces including a John Baldessari print and an array of throw pillows. Matching lamps sit on each end of the couch providing symmetry to the design. The dining room, a stand out room in the house, is patterned with red, white, and black. The center piece of the room is the dining room of course; however, a rainbow colored painting is probably the first thing to be noticed in this room. Instead of standard dining chairs, luxurious, yet casual, pillowed lounge chairs line the table.

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