Nick Vertucci came a long way to teach his students all he knows about real estate

The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is one of the most popular educational programs in the United States. It was Founded in 2013 by Nick Vertucci himself. It is a program that focuses on real estate and investing in it. You can expect to receive hands on learning that can get you started on your journey to selling real estate. In this program you will learn asset protection, wholesaling and flipping contracts, commercial investments, rehabbing and flipping properties, learning how to leverage your 401K and IRA accounts to fund investments, purchasing and holding properties for long term cash flow, and so much more. Nick has private lenders and a community of investors that are raising millions of dollars to fund Nick Vertucci’s students real estate deal every month.

Nick Vertucci was not always so successful. Tragedy in early childhood, followed by a lot of hardship made for an interesting life story. At the age of 10, Nick lost his father. Because of it, his mother had to work many jobs to provide for her family. With that, Nick would rarely see his mom. She would come home and the kids were already fast asleep. Things did not get any better for the entrepreneur. By the age of 18, he was sleeping in his van. It was not the life he wanted so he got himself together and started his own business. He sold computer parts and did very well. Soon after he got married and had two children (daughters). His life was looking pretty good at that point until the dot com crash in 2000. He lost everything and went into deep debt. He realized that he did not invest in his (and his family’s) future, which was not good.

After over a year and a half of feeling the constraints of not having money, Nick Vertucci saw one of his friends. The friend invited him to be his guest at a 3 day real estate seminar. Mr. Vertucci was hesitant to do it, but then decided that he had nothing to lose. During the seminar Nick listened closely to everything that the speaker had to say. He did not understand everything, but had the desire to learn. The next day Nick knew what to do. Real estate was his solution to all his financial problems. After the seminar he continued learning and created his own easy and straightforward system to making money with real estate. He became a millionaire with that knowledge. Now Mr. Vertucci is teaching what he knows to his students at NVREA

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