The New Partnership in Boraie Group Featuring Boraie and Shaquille O’Neal

During the incredible ceremony at the first-ever residential building One Rector Street, Shaquille O’Neal reminded people of how his mother used to say how the city was beautiful. The mother of this great NBA Hall of Famer cried each day to get individuals who would want to make the Newark city great once again.


The ceremony was held upon the return of O’Neal after the completion of the building which contained over 170 market apartments. People will be witnessing new stores in the streets of Rector too in the near future. One of the key contributors to the building was the Boraie development along with the Goldman Sachs. O’Neal pointed out in the ceremony how Boraie was close to Kobe Bryant in the real estate industry. He said that Boraie was a partner that would change his life and a partner he could trust as well.


Waseem Boraie, the vice president of Boraie development expressed his excitement for being part of the ceremony. He pointed out that the Boraie is really proud of its achievements and its participation in making history in the real estate industry. The building marks 50 years in the city and it has throughout shown the development of Newark over that given period.


According to Patch, Boraie Development has taken part in the rarest moments in Newark city. As a matter of fact, this company has worked in various building projects within the city including several amazing towers. The best part of this company is that the young generation of the people who started the company is now the new leaders in Boraie.


Boraie Development ( is a renowned firm that provides different real estate services including marketing, estate development, as well as property management in New Jersey. For decades now, the company has been the only firm that most locals trust and have confidence in whenever they want any real estate services.


The firm also features amazing specialists who have outstanding knowledge in real estate and in the finance industry. The staffs of the company, therefore, assist the clients and the architects in coming up with the best strategies for their projects. The company also gives its clients some professional guidance on how to meet different construction deadlines in the city.

Boraie Development LLC ( acquired this property as a Science Park High School a decade ago. Despite the groundbreaking ceremony, the construction did not commence immediately Until in October when the school was demolished.


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