James Dondero of Dallas Texas

James Dondero is a successful businessman and devoted philanthropist who resides in and supports the city of Dallas Texas. James began his journey in the financial world when he started his studies at the University of Virginia’s School of Commerce to earn his Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and finances. In 1984 James would accept his first genuine position in the world of credit and accounting with JP Morgan Chase & Company. Visit Patch.com to know more about James. His job with JP Morgan is where James would make quick work of his early financial training program and move on to his dream job at American Express; There is where he would manage one billion dollars of fixed income funds for clients from the year 1985 to 1989. The Protective Life GIC Subsidiary was just a thought, an idea for a potential firm when they offered James Dondero the title of Chief Investment Officer, which he accepted in 1989; It wasn’t long until James turned this idea into a two billion dollar success story, making himself one of the leading alternative credit managers in the world. Visit highlandfunds.com to know more about James Dondero. It was 1993 when James decided to create his own investment firm, and so Highland Capital Management was born. Though his years of success in rising through the business industry brought him wealth and good fortune, this was not enough for James Dondero; there had to be more he could do. Due to his devotion to philanthropy and wanting to give back to his community, James created the Highland Dallas Foundation with peer and fellow philanthropist, Mary Jalonick, the CEO and President of the Dallas Foundation in Texas. The pair focuses their efforts on choosing initiatives in the city of Dallas and the Northern region of Texas that show promise of supporting a brighter future for Dallas and the people of Texas. Some of the examples of the Highland Dallas Foundation and James Dondero’s recent generosity is the one million dollar donation given to the Dallas Zoo to recreate their once loved hippo habitat. In 2001 the Zoo management team made the difficult decision to shut down the habitat after their beloved elderly hippo, Papa, passed away from old age. Now, Thanks to James Dondero and several other local philanthropists, the Dallas Zoo was able to reopen a two-acre hippo habitat to house Adhama and Boipelo, their new residents to the zoo!

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