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Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a global investment firm that is famous for its quality services in the independent financial advice as well as arranging credit facility for the Napoleon machine. Napoleon was founded in 2010 and was later ISO 9001:2008 certified provider. The company is known for supplying manufacturing services including particular metal fabricating services, painters, light assembly, among others ranging from the medium to the big size steel appliances. The facility was provided by Sterling Commercial Credit which was followed by an announcement by Madison Street Capital CEO, Charles Botchway. Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director at MSC, believes that credit facility and planned follow-on tranche are vital in the development and achieving success in the operating capital and that through it Napoleon is now able to develop the manufacturing strengths that are essential in meeting customer needs. Peterson believes that the manufacturing abilities if utilized fully will result in the company development through improved sales even in the future.


The President of the Napoleon Machine, Kevin Febrey, on the other hand, feels that MSC team showed excellent cooperation hence playing a vital role in helping the company open up new opportunities for them in the market. Both sides worked together to achieve their success, and their cooperation resulted in a smooth transaction process.


According to Kevin, the MSC team understood the nature of the capital intensity in the industry hence working out solutions that were best fit to solve the existing problems in the business. He admitted that previously the company was experiencing some challenges and was optimistic that the cooperation with the MSC team was going to give the company up to four times amount working capital in credit that would help the company gain profits and grow. Previously, the creditors only gave fewer amounts to the company, and therefore this was a significant advantage to them. Kevin stated that both teams would benefit from the project and said that he appreciated the opportunity of working together with Madison Street Capital even in the future. MSC has proven to offer services with integrity to all types of business. Many organizations have benefited from their services in a wide range. Their objective is to meet the customer needs at all times in all projects they commit to undertake. They have accredited professionals and had over time earned trust towards their esteemed customers.

Napoleon Machine is also a value-added provider serving various kinds of customers all over the world. An article can be found on


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