Ara Chackerian, one of the most diverse and flexible persons in their career life

Ara Chackerian is known for his vast success in business primarily in the health sector. He is much interested in the development of healthcare companies that are in their early stages of development. He is one of the founders and the Chief Executive Officer of the TMS Health solutions, and he has served in many other companies that he has contributed to their growth and development. He served as the Executive Vice President of the Research Development of Health Diagnostic limited and the Executive Chairman of the Pipeline Health Holdings. He also served as the Director of Evolute Capital Holdings.


Ara Checkerian is also the founder of BMC Diagnostics where he served as the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is also an active executive member of other companies such as the PSS or World Medical and Mint Medical Education.


According to Patch, apart from investing in the healthcare sector, he has also invested in managing and conservation of the environment. He owns a plantation at Limonapa a teak plantation with the purpose of teaching people about the importance of sustaining the environment. Chackerian is also a writer. He has written some articles especially about conservation of the situation.


In one of his articles, he wrote about the importance of forests in the humankind. He says that humans have the responsibility to ensure that the forests as one of the primary resources on the earth are used sustainably ensuring that they benefit the present generation as well as the future generations. Ara Chackerian serves as a role model to other entrepreneurs because environmental maintenance is one of the things that not many entrepreneurs tend to think about when carrying out their business operations. You can visit his vimeo account for more.



Besides, Ara Chackerian has also a rich educational background. He went to Florida State University where he earned his undergraduate degree in marketing and business management. This is one of the reasons he has become the kind of a man he is today. In one f his interviews, he advised entrepreneurs to have the ability to chose the type of people they relate with and also have the ability to know what impact each one brings towards the success of the business objectives.



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Drew Madden says that healthcare tech is still slow to be adopted

For the better part of two decades, Drew Madden has been at the forefront of changing the way that healthcare professionals and patients alike interact with and make use of technology. He started working in the healthcare IT space fresh out of college, going to work at both Epic Systems and the Cerner Corporation, the two dominant software vendors in the healthcare IT field. By learning both platforms inside and out, Madden quickly found himself to be in high demand. He parlayed his expertise into a consulting job with Nordic Healthcare Consultants. Eventually, he wound up serving as president of that firm from 2011 to 2016.

But even as he led Nordic on to become one of the biggest and most important healthcare consulting firms in the country, eventually ending up with more than 750 full-time consultants with more than 150 clients, Madden saw that there were deep flaws in the way that the industry traditionally approached the challenges of making software work within hospital systems. He decided that in order to do things right, he would need to break away, creating and building his own business from the ground up.

In July of 2017, Madden took the plunge and started Evergreen Healthcare Consultants with three other longtime healthcare consultants. The business immediately began taking off. Within less than a year, the company had 26 consultants working on behalf of more than a dozen major clients. Throughout the process, Madden has begun to implement his vision of creating a people-first system of software design and implementation. He believes that it is the primary job of healthcare consultants to understand the ways in which software tools can be designed and used by customers in a way that maximized their utility.

To this end, Drew Madden has initiated a number of ambitious projects. Evergreen is undertaking a project to develop patient-facing software and mobile apps that Madden says will soon allow patients to choose physicians with the same level of knowledge and ease with which they are able to review and select restaurants online. This could prove to be a revolutionary development in an industry perennially beset with inefficiencies of the gravest kind.

Doe Deere Discusses Her Style and Career

It’s not easy to run a company all by yourself while simultaneously keeping yourself looking fabulous but, somehow, Doe Deere has managed to stay at the top of her game for all these years. So what’s her secret to having her cake and eating it too? Stylist recently had a chat with her before the launch of her new retail outlet in London to discuss how she first broke into the cosmetics industry, how’s she’s managed to stay on top all these years and what she plans to do in the near future. She discussed the importance of providing unique products so as to stay ahead of the competition and keep sales up. Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, a cosmetics company that is completely vegan and has attracted quite a bit of controversy over the years. She talked about how she’s passionate about animals.

This is why she feels it is paramount to ensure that no animals are harmed in the making of her skincare products. Of course, as an entrepreneur, she has gone over quite a few speed bumps on the road to success, but she says those obstacles have only made her and the company stronger and, for that, she remains truly grateful. When discussing new beauty trends, she said lavender, lilac and all shades of purple will be in this year as well as ultraviolet. When giving advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, she advised them to trust their gut and focus on their passion.

While discussing the product-making process, she talked about her amazing team and how hard they work to ensure each product is flawless. She then discussed her obsession with glitter, saying social media has sparked this trend and it helps accentuate your individuality. She then talked about what goes into the perfect makeup palette, saying it’s usually multiple shades of the same color with a few neutrals thrown in for good measure. But she certainly is committed to give you a look that works. Her advice for those new to the makeup scene is to try it at home first and to not be afraid to wear it boldly and uniquely. She then discussed the importance of wrapping your products in quality packaging. Otherwise, people will develop negative opinions about the contents of the package. She also stressed how important social media is as it enables her to connect with the fans who she says are terrific and always brimming with good ideas for new products. She also says teasing helps with the launch.

This is because it helps to get the fans hyped before they officially unveil their newest product. She decided to branch out into hair dye due to her own experiences with hair dying and also because she believes it to be a wonderful way of expressing yourself. She finished the interview by discussing the importance of individuality and telling her fans not to be scared of a little makeup and hair dye as she believes these things will set you free.


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