How Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian Helped Villagers In Nicaragua And The Environment At The Same Time

Ara Chackarian of San Francisco wears a lot of professional hats. He’s an entrepreneur who has started a number of companies. He also owns an investment firm where he invests in healthcare firms in their early stages who he thinks have really great management and a product and/or service which will dramatically improve patient outcomes. He also does a lot of angel investing where he gives money to startups with great ideas where the motive is more to help them out rather than to derive a profit. He is also big on sustainability and philanthropy and enjoys helping the environment and social causes.

His investment firm is called ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, a firm he established in June 2007. Among the company’s that Ara Chackerian has founded is a company called TMS Health Solutions in the Bay Area. They have a number of locations scattered around this region which helps people who have depression but for which conventional therapies don’t work. He says he found out about an innovative way of treating them which has received FDA approval and decided this sounded like a great thing to be doing for people. Among the several other companies he has served on the board for, lending his extensive business experience, are among others Mint Medical Education, PipelineRX, and the aforementioned TMS Health Solutions. You can visit Vimeo to see more.

Ara Chackerian enjoys helping people and the environment He bought a teak farm in Nicaragua, for example. He put the teak farm where people had been grazing their farm animals. The problem was that to graze their animals they kept chopping down more and more of the rainforest. He solved this problem by putting his teak farm there and then hiring the villagers who had been doing this. They now work on a sustainable farm where they don’t have to chop down very valuable trees which destroys not only the trees but also all the animals that depend on them for their lives. That this farm also turns out beautiful teak that can be used to make great furniture and flooring really is the icing on the cake for Ara Chackerian.

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