Boraie Development Is The Dream Of Omar Boraie Which Has Been Fulfilled

Philly Purge recently published an article on the relationship between the Boraie Development, a New Jersey’s preeminent real estate developer, and the challenge of developing housing in New Jersey, notwithstanding a national surge in real estate sales and development.

New Jersey’s population is dense. It has gone through some tough times with the loss of employment. New Jersey’s foreclosures are very high nationally. This economic downturn has compounded the problem of New Jersy’s real estate development because of New Jersey’s financial struggle and its inability to take advantage of this surge because of the striking mortgage payment delinquency.

This financial struggle has resulted in New Jersey’s real estate markets falling behind the national average. The economic picture is improving in New Jersey with the delinquency rates dropping along with the foreclosure rates.

The lowering of the unemployment rates coupled with the increases in home prices will eventually solve the problem of the housing shortage in New Jersey. The hope for a turnaround is based on resolving the affordability crises and the growing numbers of real estate markets.

On a more positive note, New Jersey is ripe for a renewal of the housing market based on tracking Zillow’s real estate analysis and financial reports which point to an appreciation in housing values. These reviews indicate the future of favorable sales.

A positive movement of New Jersey’s reals estate market is on the horizon. Housing inventories have increased in some towns with expectations of building new a substantial number of new apartments.

These hopeful signs or real estate development takes advantage of the New Jersey Transit which ties together New Jersy’s towns and municipalities. The Transit is an attractive addition to the improving real estate market which is easily accessible to potential home buyers.

The Boraie Development Company has invested twenty years in real estate development and is committed to improving the marketing of real estate in New Jersey and is heads above its competition. Boraie’s creative financing and source of capital focus on both private funding and commercial banks. The total approach to development also includes Boraie’s architects and contractors.

As a result of this coordination of all the elements of real estate development, Boraie Development is known for meeting its deadlines in completing projects which include both marketing and sales. As a result of Boraie’s vision, Omar Boraie has marketed both commercial and residential transactions valued more than one hundred fifty million dollars. Check out their website

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