Karl Heideck Talks Aout Employment Law

Karl Heideck says that there are some regulations that people who own small businesses should familiarize with. These regulations are very important for the corporate future of your business as well as for compliance obligations.

Before you can set up any business, Karl Heideck says that you should familiarize with employment law. Karl Heideck offers an example where if a company employs a minor or people who have not achieved the working age. The business will have breached the Pennsylvania Child Labor Law, and this may be the beginning of trouble for your business.

Karl Heideck says that as a business person, you should familiarize yourself with the fair labor standards act. This is the law that specializes in labor practices and the minimum wage. Under this law, you get to understand the minimum wages that you should pay your workers. This is the law that governs recording and tabulation of work hours. At the same time, this law governs overtime and minimum wages. For instance, the state law in Philadelphia requires employers to pay their workers a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. However, the federal law requires employers to pay their employees a minimum wage of $10.15 per hour. This is why you need to familiarize yourself with this law so that you can establish where you fall.

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The medical and the family leave act is another law that every employer should familiarize with. According to Karl Heideck on crunchbase.com, this law ensures that employees are allowed to leave in case of a medical emergency or needs. Under this law, Karl Heideck notes that employees can leave the workplace for one of the following reasons. First, an employee may leave if they need to respond to a medical emergency related to their spouses, parents, and children. An employee may also leave if they need to take care of a child who is less than one year old. Also, if an employee is sorting issues related to adopting a foster child, they may leave. Other reasons for leaving include the employee’s personal health. If a military spouse sustains an injury, the other spouse is allowed to leave under this law.

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