Gino Pozzo and Sports Devotion

Many people who are keen on the sports sector are all too familiar with a man by the name of Gino Pozzo. Individuals recognize him as being someone who has aided iffy football teams significantly. He’s turned many questionable teams into major powerhouses. Pozzo is the individual who owns the United Kingdom’s Watford Football Club at the moment. People regularly talk about Pozzo and about all of his achievements in athletic matters all throughout the European continent.

Pozzo had a mother and a father who were ardent about all things that related to football. That may explain why he’s such a football fan himself. His adoring parents were called Giuliana and Gianpaolo. He was reared in picturesque Udine, Italy. Pozzo’s mom was in the same family as several individuals who had strong positions within the local football realm. Pozzo’s relatives have been ardent about nearby football efforts for many decades so far.

Pozzo uprooted all the way across the pond to the United States when he was merely a teenager. He studied at an Ivy League institution called Harvard University. The celebrated school is in Cambridge, Massachusetts in scenic New England. He wed a woman who hailed from Catalonia. This encouraged him to adjust his course and head back to Europe to Spain. He lived in bustling Barcelona for roughly two decades. He made the choice to go to London in the United Kingdom after that. He did so in the company of his supportive wife. They share three kids as well.

This sports wizard has all of the ingredients that are necessary to make sports teams everywhere shine. He has a devotion to athletics that’s for all intents and purposes unequaled in intensity. Thoughts about sports swirl around in his brain all of the time. His adoration is intense.

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Rick Cofer: An Austin-based Lawyer Who is Taking Care of the Environment

Rick Cofer is a criminal justice lawyer based in Austin, Texas. He owns a law office in the city, and for more than a decade, he provides legal services to people who need his help. As a criminal defense attorney, he represents clients who have been accused of a criminal offense, and use his understanding of the case to provide justice. He worked with several cases in the past, and many of his clients were satisfied with the services that he provides. He specializes in cases that involved assault, domestic violence, illegal drugs, murder cases, sexual harassment and other related crimes, property crimes, and juvenile charges. He has been an effective lawyer when it comes to the resolution of charges filed by different individuals in Austin, and the satisfaction from his clients keeps him going. He received his license to practice law in 20008, and a decade later, he was able to resolve more than one thousand cases and defended hundreds of individuals facing the jury.

Originally from Plano, Texas, Rick Cofer had to move to the big city and started working and studying at the University of Texas. He focused on his studies, and after he graduated, he decided to serve other students and established groups that would support the Democratic Party of the United States. He immediately worked as a defense lawyer and moved on to become an assistant county lawyer and an assistant district lawyer for the Travis County. He served under the position for eight years, and he became a member of some of the top legal organizations in the country. He was admitted at the State Bar of Texas, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals, and the U.S. District Court.

According to medicaldailytimes, aside from his work as a legal professional, he is also focusing his work as an environmental activist, working for an eco-friendly Austin. He is supporting a number of environment and marginalized groups, helping them support their needs. He also served in different public positions that looked after the city’s parks and recreation centers. Rick Cofer has been with the Austin Parks and Recreation Board, providing assistance on how the city can focus on efforts that will make it more eco-friendly. Rick Cofer Law also held positions with the Pease Park Conservancy Board of Directors. He also wanted the citizens of Austin to put more focus on health, and his position with the Texas Health Action Board of Directors and the Ending Community Homelessness Organization allowed him to help people with their medical needs and provide assistance to those who are living in the streets.

His humanitarian efforts rippled throughout the city’s population, and more people started to appreciate his efforts and started to help others. He believes that a city that cares for its environment would eventually learn how to care for its people.

How Heather Parry Has Helped Musician Documentaries Come To Life

There were many people whose hard work led to the success of the recent “A Star is Born” movie. One of these people is Heather Parry, president of Live Nation Productions. She knows many people in the entertainment industry with one of them being Bradley Cooper. After she heard he was going to direct and star in this film she made some calls and pitched her ideas to be involved at a party at Bill Gerber’s house. She showed how passionate her team was about the movie and that led to Live Nation Productions being very involved.

Heather Parry

Before heading Live Nations Productions, Heather Parry had spent two decades working for MTV and then Happy Madison Productions. She really enjoys her present position because she is passionate about both music and film. She gets to be very involved in both as her production studio creates documentaries about musicians. Among her successful documentaries are “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story”, “Believer”, and “Five Foot Two” She also produced a scripted film, “The After Party”.

Heather Parry says she is very busy on movie projects that are currently in the pipeline. One of these is “From Cradle to Grave” which will be the first television series that Live Nation Productions has created. Virginia Hanlon Grohl, Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl’s mom, wrote the book that this TV show is based on. Other musician’s moms involved in this series are Janis Winehouse, Verna Griffin, and Marianne Stipe.

She advertises the Live Nation Productions movies at music festivals held by Live Nation all over the world. Heather Parry says the put up huge posters and have movie trailers running in both concession stands and suites. She says they use Ticketmaster data to determine who will be at the concert and what music they enjoy in order to decide what film to promote.

Clay Hutson Explains What It Means to Be a Production Manager

No matter if you are rock fan or a pop aficionado, you likely have attended a live concert or two in your life. After all, there’s nothing as enjoyable, bedazzling and interesting as seeing a live production of your favorite artists.

They could be recreating their iconic videos through elaborate sets, bringing one of a kind visual experiences to life through magnificent lightning, or simply singing their heart out in an ambience full of captivating sound systems.

But what brings all of this together?

While the artist focuses on their craft, it is the team behind them that focuses on their creativity to put up unforgettable shows. That is one of the reasons why artists ranging from Adele to Queen, and from Pink to Kid Rock can be found thanking their production crew during their tours.

On the surface, working in live production and entertainment seems like a bedazzling profession. To understand how that world looks like behind the scenes, we consulted with Clay Hutson, a live entertainment and production manager.

Clay Hutson Tells Us What Working as a Production Manager Looks Like

As an experienced production management with his own live entertainment company, Hutson has a wide breadth of experience. From sound management to stage management, and from set design to lightning formations, Hutson has done it all for artists such as Pink and Kid Rock (that we mentioned above).

Here’s what he has to say about working in production design.

Honesty is Key

A typical tour for a production manager always depends on understanding what their artist wants, and then assimilating and explaining whether creating it all in real life is possible or not.

It is by understanding the artist’s needs and translating them to real life experiences that work is how a production manager actually becomes successful at what they are set out to do.

You Have to Keep Up With the Trends

In the world of live production and especially the music industry, it is essential for the production manager to understand the latest trends in special effects, and incorporate them into a show while keeping the artist’s genre in mind.

If a production manager keeps using year old techniques to captivate their audience, then it doesn’t work, and could cost an artist a lot in terms of reputation, money, and credibility.

Putting Everything Apart is Just as Important as Putting Everything Together

Since the same fixtures have to be used at multiple venues, they have to be treated with care. This means that when a concert ends each evening, the production crew’s work starts right away.

Production mangers have to make sure that they are able to design fixtures and stages that are not only easy to assemble, but just as easy to disintegrate at the end of a show. In addition to that, a production manager has to consider the hours put into work after each concert venue has run out of its time.

Enjoying Your Work is Important

No matter if they are designing a stage for a concert or a business event, a production manager has to put their heart into it. The audience can only enjoy a show that was put together with a mindset of joy and fun – which is why it is extremely important to keep a positive attitude on the job.

Sam Jejurikar, the master of body transformation

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a praised plastic surgeon in Dallas and has worked in the surgery room for over 20 years. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a medical degree and moved to Manhattan New York where he furthered his studies and specialized in ear, eyes and throat surgery.

He is a partner in Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He is gifted and talented in the surgery room and provides his clients with the best results. He is customer oriented and hence a member of the Multisociet Gluteal Fat Crafting Tusk Force, who researches on ways to reduce augmentation procedures side effects.

He is also an eloquent speaker, and when not operating, he is mostly giving speeches about his work. Recently, he spoke at the meeting for cosmetic surgeons and medicine in Dallas and also was an invited speaker at the annual conference for the American Association of Plastic Surgery.

In both the sessions, he shared his ways and ideas on how to improve the famous Brazilian Butt Lift. This meeting presented those present with the opportunity to learn new technologies and also how to implement them. The meetings brought together many medical practitioners such as nurses, dermatologist, surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and otolaryngologists.

He is a believer of satisfying his clients and hence dedicates his day to meet with clients, performing surgeries or following up on his clients about previous procedures. According to him, he acquires his motivation when he changes a client’s look to what they desire.

He takes pride in his ability to transform a client’s look and changing how they feel about their bodies. Whether is a lip filler, Brazilian Butt Lift or liposuction Dr. Sam Jejurikar has your back. He is much excited about the new procedures such as Botox and Platelets Rich Plasma which result in beautiful results and less time in the operation room.

Unmatched Herbalife’s Stock Potential in 2019

In 2018, the stock market experienced a decline of about 0.1%. This average decline affected many investment companies and typical investors. However, some companies such as Herbalife Nutrition Ltd managed to defy this odd by having one of the best performance in 2018.

For example, the company was the only company that experienced more than 15% growth margin. The best performance for Herbalife was however in the last quarter of the year, and pundits believe that the trend will continue in 2019.

What makes Herbalife one of the stable companies in the stock market?

First, the growth in terms of the company’s value is unmatched. Since early 2002, the company has been on a growth journey and the last quarter of 2018 was the second highest growth in 16 years. This trend will continue in the rest of 2019 and this according to pundits it is the best time to invest in the company’s stick.

Second, Herbalife Nutrition as a brand has been able to maintain its strong presence in the global arena. This impressive and strong global presence makes the company’s stock stronger and stable in the stock market. Thirdly, the company remains one of the best-structured company in the world of nutrition and weight management.

Structures are synonymous with performance, and this company has not disappointed in their daily operation. In addition to Herbalife having better chances of the best trading years in 2019, the company’s projections of 2018 were unmatched. Surprisingly, the company performed beyond the management expectation.

Will the direct sales model have an impact in 2019?

In addition to the company’s structures and global recognition, Herbalife Growth 2019 will be a reality due to its business model. According to Crunchbase, the direct sales model not only helps entities to establish a closer relationship with intended customers but also make them part of the growth. When the customers own the company’s vision and aspiration, growth is not farfetched.

Direct and independent distributors give the company the flexibility it needs. Unlike the typical distribution channels, Herbalife is able to maximize their time in making products available to their customers. The flexibility aspects have a lot of significance in the overall performance of the stock. In addition, the flexibility of the distribution channel gives the company unmatched possibility to grow their revenue at an easier and a sustainable pace.

It is also through the direct sale model where the company is able to push the brand and in return make it more popular. Since there is zero budget on making the brand visible in the consumer world, the company is able to concentrate on making its products better. In the stock market, a good perception of the brand is a game changer, and this explains the reason why Herbalife has so much potential in 2019.

Vijay Eswaran and QI Group

Eswaran diversified his business passions and founded the QI Band of Businesses to supervise a multitude of assets including property, education, retail, and food. A supporter of value-based leadership, Eswaran has dedicated 10% of group income to philanthropy and implemented a company-wide vegetarian plan. The group tóday utilizes 1500 people and offers trained and empowered more than one mil entrepreneurs over the world’s toughést & most prominent emerging marketplaces.

Eswaran’s enthusiasm for coaching entrepreneurs led him to determine and seat Quest Cosmopolitan Univérsity Perak (QIUP) together with municipality this year. Mandated to supply quality, research-baséd, inexpensive education, the School is among the quickest developing in Malaysia, with over 1600 college students from 31 different countries by 2017. QI happens to be cónstructing Qi Town, a $300m development that may serve as fresh headquarters meant for QIUP and carries a medical center, lodging, and retail spacé.

According to Eswáran, It is nót the business that works; it’s the individuals within the business who be successful. Instead of going for a business-minded strategy and looking át skill pieces, capital etc, I right now search for like-minded people. We wish those who are determined and function very difficult, who’ve dedication, sincerity ánd trust, yet whó are usually dáring within their approach.

I actually believe a businéss is similar to a sports activities team. It requires the best players who teach harder than their competitors and produce key strategies while generally enhancing their particular skills and understanding. We all discovered everybody in thé QI Gróup by searching at their particular attitude and mindset. From then on, all this had taken was to train all of them and also to help them manage the job.

I want to found a Ql Town, that may consist of an educational medical center pertaining to our medical plan, a buying structure, a cámpus plus much more. It’ll consider a couple of years, yet I’m thrilled. We currently have an univérsity in Malaysia, ánd the initial college student body graduates this season.

Malcolm CasSelle and the blockchain business

Recently, blockchain has become a worldwide sensation for everyone in Asia is after it in their various enterprises. Stats show that South Korea is the falls third in the leading cryptocurrency exchange market following the US and Japan.

The citizens are so much engrossed in the business that even any legislation cannot bar them from cryptocurrency. Also, the South Korean court legalized Bitcoin. It has been taken as the benchmark for how people perceive cryptocurrency in South Korea and globally.

Digital currency has become the mainstream. It is despite its peculiar and new infrastructure that could warrant local banks to oversee all exchange accounts in line with Korean anti-money laundering laws.

This cryptocurrency situation in Korean is rooted within their culture that it can be used as a significant barometer on the international state of blockchain based on various trends.first is the gaming field that is aimed at adopting cryptocurrency and so on.

Malcolm CasSelle in the blockchain

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins. OPSkins is a gaming platform where gamers can buy trade their skins. He is also the head of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). It is a decentralized platform where individuals can operate this fully functioning virtual marketplace without any investments in payment, infrastructure, and security. The trading activity on their platform is through WAX Tokens.

This market blockchain technology gaming is increasing its reputation, and more individuals are impressing this idea as stated by Malcolm CasSelle and believes that will help boost the ecosystem plus its audience.

About Malcolm CasSelle

He is the current president of WAX and the CIO of OPSkins.OPSkins is the leading marketplace for buying and selling items from online video games. He has also worked previously as the president of CTO. At CTO, here was overseeing rapid growth properties leveraging digital assets.

Malcolm CasSellehas played many other different roles in various companies. He was SVP and GM of Digital Media at SeaChange Intl. In MdeiaPass. He has invested in companies like Zynga, Facebook, and big data and blockchain verticles .he also founded PCCW with other investors. This is a telecom based in HongKong among different positions.

He is a graduate from MIT and Stanford University with a degree in Computer Science. He speaks Mandarin and Japanese languages.

Chaz Dean Offers Healthy Hair With Wen By Chaz

Have you been up late at night and noticed the infomercials that feature women talking about how damaged their hair was prior to using Wen by Chaz? IF so, you might have been tempted to call and place an order but found yourself wondering if it would really work to make your hair healthy. Well, the truth is, yes it will.


We all suffer from a multitude of different hair problems. One person might have damaged hair from too many chemicals being used to color their hair or from perming. Another person might have problems with their hair being unmanageable while another person might have problems with their hair from the heat tools used to style their hair.


If you are someone who suffers from damaged hair for any of these reasons, you will want to see what has to offer.


WEN is made specifically for women who have damaged hair. At some point in time, every woman has had trouble with damaged hair. There is no one woman who has not experienced undamaged hair. Why is that, you ask?


Well truth of the matter is, your hair can be damaged from other things as well. For instance, did you know that your shampoo or conditioner could be the reason for your damaged hair? Did it occur to you to consider what the chemicals are that are inside of your hair products? If not, you would do well to know about the different products offered by Wen on QVC.


The variety of hair products are aimed at helping your hair become clean, manageable, easier to style along with easier to maintain in the long run. Because your hair is healthier, it will also be easier to maintain over a longer period of time say’s Chaz Dean.

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Managing Hair with WEN Hair Care

Hair care is extremely important to a woman simply because her hair is considered to be her beauty. Having healthy hair equals to having beautiful hair. It is a must to wash hair every 3 days and to use shampoo that is right for your hair. The shampoo should be very gentle and does not disrupt the PH balance of the scalp. It should be able to moisturize the hair. Just as you would take care of your skin, your hair also needs special attention as well. During the summer time, hair can become extremely fragile due to being exposed to the sun. Also, the winter can damage hair causing it to lose bounce and even shine.


WEN hair care by Chaz Dean is very popular and has created a lot of buzz for taking care of the hair. When using WEN hair care, a woman can eliminate using products that contain sulfates which can be harmful. WEN cleansing conditioners are there to replace shampoo, conditioners, deep conditioners, detanglers and leave-in conditioners. WEN contains natural ingredients such as herbs and botanicals. WEN care leaves the hair looking healthy and refreshed. WEN is gentle enough to be used on the hair daily. The sweet almond cleansing conditioner is good for all hair types and texture.


WEN hair care is unique simply because it contains a 5-in-1 formula and it takes the place of all other shampoo and conditioners. It will not damage hair and it will not strip hair from oils. When using the sweet almond mint, about 100% of people said that their hair was more moisturized and about 97% of people said that their hair was more shiny. Also, 95% said that their hair became easier to manage. The ingredients that are in the product is Glycerin, Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Rosemary Extract, and Panthenol. Need Wen? Purchase now at or visit the website at Wen Hair Care Coupon Codes can be used to get discounts.